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Have you bought your new phone? Many Many congratulations, But wait! Are you having trouble copying or transferring all the data of your old phone such as photos, videos, audio, and contact numbers to your new phone or you don’t know how to send all your data to the new phone. Then this article will help you a lot in dealing with this problem. So today through this article we will know how you can transfer all the data of your old android phone to a new phone? or How to Transfer All Data From Old Phone To New

I am going to introduce a system Application software to do this complete action. Whose name is MI Mover?  and this is a data transfer app. Currently, this app is already installed in MI and Redmi Phones. While for other phones, mi mover app not in play store so you can download it from Google. if you can’t download just click on Button to download from here.


With the help of this Application, we can very easily copy the data of our old phone to the new phone like all the photos, video audio songs and contact numbers lying in the old phone, as well as all the applications installed in the old phone easily Can install and send to a new phone with mi data transfer app (Mi Mover) I have tried to write this post in very easy language and hope that you will understand it easily. Because I have tried to describe every process step by step and am attaching the picture as well so that all of you can understand all the processes mentioned by me quickly and easily.

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So let’s start.

First of all, Take the old phone from which you have to transfer data.

If you have any Redmi or Xiaomi phone then don’t need to install any App simply open your setting

Open Setting
  • Now under the system setting, you have to search for the option named Additional Settings and open it by clicking.
  • Than find Mi Mover in an Additional setting. But this process will work only for the version below MIUI 11.
  • MIUI 11 user you just open device system setting and Go-to About Phone.
  • Then they get the Mi Mover option in About phone section.

transfer data from android to android free

Other than MI Xiaomi  Smartphone users.

If you don’t have a Redmi/Xiaomi/MI Phone, then no problem. Download the mi data transfer app through the link given above and install it on your Android phone.

mi data transfer app
Click to download
  • Now Open Mi Mover Application in the old phone and select I’m a Sender option.

how to transfer apps data from android to android

  • Other phones in which you want to receive data select I’m a recipient. 
how to transfer apps data from android to android
Select for Receive data
  • As given in the image below.
  • After clicking on the Sender button, this phone starts searching to connect to the recipient’s phone.
  • As soon as the Recipient Device Name show on display, click on it and connect, as given in image.
    data transfer app
  • Once successfully connected, it presents the details of your complete data to you.
  • Here you are given the facility that you can select the data you want to send it to the new phone.
  • And unselect the file which you don’t want.
  • Now the process of sending data will start.

transfer data from android to android free

  • After successfully transfer click on finish Button and in new phone click on Restore Button… Now all Done!!

Yes, this is the only thing to do and all your data that you send from your old phone to the new phone, all the data will easily reach the new phone. Now definitely got the solution of how to Transfer All Data From Old Phone To New.
And I hope this short article written by me will be very helpful for you and will help you a lot.
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