Fix Low Sound Issue In Earphone

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Are you also disturbed by the Very Low Sound Issue In Earphone speakers? Then you have come to a very good place. Because today we will talk about the low sound problem of earphones, Air pods or Bluetooth earphone’s in this post, as well as how we can fix it.

Sometimes it happens that the loudest sound is heard on one side of the speaker and very low sound is heard on the other side, or there is a low or noised sound in both the speakers. We also know how to fix earphones one side is quieter

Some causes that may cause this problem.

Headphone jack not fitting correctly. 

Headphone jack not fitting correctly. 

Sometimes the sound is not heard properly due to the headphone jack not fitting properly in the 3.5 mm jackhole. Therefore, we must check the headphone once, whether it fits properly in the hole or not? otherwise, you say how to fix earphones one side is quieter

Damaged earphone wire.

And sometimes there is a problem due to damage to the earphone wire. We get headphone volume too low android.

Due to stuck something in the 3.5 mm jackhole.

headphone jack

Or it can also happen that the earphone does not fit properly because of something stuck in your 3.5 mm jack, due to which the sound is not heard properly in the earphones. Then we face earphone one side low volume or headphone volume suddenly low android.


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Let’s come to the main reason.

The reason for the low sound of most earphones is due to the accumulation of dust in the speakers’ nets. So today we consider it to be the main reason; we are going to discuss it further. So that we can fix the low or abnormal sound coming from the earphones. Now we can fix how to fix earphones one side is quieter.

So let’s now know how to fix this problem.

So we will talk about all the precautions to be taken to clear the dust stuck in the net of the earphone speaker and how to fix the problem of low sound with it.

  • So first of all, remove the earphone rubber from it, which is mainly in black color. As shown in the image.

how fix low sound issue in earphone

  • After stripping the rubber, you will definitely see dust in the earphone net. That we have to clean.

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Earphone net
Earphone net
  • Now to clear the dust of the net, we need a toothbrush. Thoroughly clean the dust of the net with the help of toothbrush hair, as shown in the image.

why is my earphone volume so low

  • After properly clearing the earphone speakers’ net, put the rubber back on the speakers again.
earphone low sound issue
Ready to use

I hope that after doing this, your problem will be resolved. So what is the delay, take your earphone and check it by putting it in your phone. Now all you have to do is to insert the earphone jack into the 3.5 mm hole and put the speakers in your ear and play any music. So along with listening to music, you will also experience that you have fixed the problem of low sound.


I hope that each of the steps that I have told you will be understood very easily and you will have solved your problem with great ease. If you have found a solution to your problem with this post and you liked this post, then please write your mind in the comment box for my good luck. Also, try to help your friends and other people by sharing this post with them. How To Fix Low Sound Issue In Earphone.

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