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I am back with my new article and i hope you definitely love this website after analyzing my articles. Now today in this post i’m going to tell you all, how we can add or remove Missing Google Search Bar Widgets on any Android home screen.


A widget may be a simple application extension that’s often a part of a bigger application already installed on all android devices. Widgets are available in all size and shapes, and customizable, that reside on any available Android Home screen for quick access and control. Widgets give you quick access without open the app. 

Google Search:

Google offers you instant information in which you interest. It shows all the subjects that you have interest. As much as you can get information from google, as soon as you hear an object or music, poem or whatever you have in mind, write it in Google’s search bar or by pressing the icon of the mic to speak by voice Even when searching, Google quickly presents your related topics related to it.

With the help of the Google search bar, you can know about the condition of hotels, schools, and restaurants around you.
You can learn about the scores of live running games or about any movies or albums and its star cast.
Being aware of the latest news and the state of the stock market, etc.

Learn more what is Google app and what it’s can do for you: http://www.google.com/search/about

Steps To Add Google Search Widgets On Home Screen.

These are some easy steps to Add missing Google Search Bar on your android home screen let’s follow my steps:

  • First, you need to do, Tap and hold on Menu Key from Navigation Button as shown in the image.


  • Then click on Widgets Option.
  • Now find Google from Widgets.
  • Then finally select Google Search Widgets. Thant’s it Guy’s

Then You can see google Search Widgets appear on the top position of your Android home screen.
Now you can do all thing whatever you want with Google search. If you want, you can also search for anything by typing or just tapping on the mic icon.

I hope you liked the post as it would have solved all your problems. And you must have also got information about what we can do with the help of the Google app. Google is a never-ending app that you use no matter what you use and will continue to work in your service. It also helps the student a lot through the Google app. If you do not know the answer to any question during their studies. Then you can take the support of Google and Google answers all questions free of cost.

I hope you understand all the steps which I give without any problem. and you definitely got a solution to your issue. If you have any problem related to this post or any other post on this website also any android phone related issues then feel free to contact us.

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