About us


About us :

Tips4MI is a blog which provides How to tutorials, With easy Step by Step guides. Some tips and tricks, guides and much more about Xiaomi smartphone’s and some other android phones. Through this blog, you can learn about ways to fix small problems faced by Xiaomi or other company phones. In this way you can take good care of your phone’s health right from home

About Me :

Hi, I am Ajeetpal behind Tips4mi.com Blog. I am here for my passion not for any personal Benefit. I love to share my knowledge with others to help them. I am Die hard fan of Xiaomi and also like Realmi, Oppo, Vivo Samsung and all other popular smartphone companies. Manu Kumar Jain  the person who inspired me every day. My Dream “Work with Xiaomi team”.

I have worked with Xiaomi for about 2.5 years where I was working as a mobile service engineer in “MI Service center”. I learned a lot with MI’s service team and want to share my 2.5 years experience with you through this blog

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