Microphone Not Working Android And Other Devices:

Today in this post we will know how we Fix Microphone Not Working. And along with this, we will also know for what reason this problem can arise.

Friends, if you are also troubled by any such problem, in which your voice is low or not heard clearly by the next person. So with the help of this post, you can find the solution to your problem.

Microphone Not Working

What is Microphone and its uses?

Here I try to talk about the microphone in very easy language.  A microphone is a device that converts sound signals into electronic signals. And takes them to the recording medium.

Microphone related problems In Smartphone:

Low Sound Issue:

When we make a call then A very small volume of voice is heard by the second person on a call.


  • Due to the dust stuck in the microphone hole: 

microphone not working

Sometimes it happens that if any dust or dirt gets stuck in the hole of the microphone from where the sound enters the microphone. Because of which the voice of the Caller does not reach the microphone properly. The resulting voice also does not reach the receiver properly or is not heard at all. Then it comes to our mind that my Microphone Not Working.

  • Microphone hole covered:

And sometimes it happens that when we put an unfit back cover or a cover for the physical security of the phone, then we do not notice whether the hole of the microphone is open or not.
Some people also close the microphone hole while sticking decorative stickers on it for the beauty of the phone and to avoid scratches, due to which the problem of microphone not working properly also arises.

Microphone Not Working

  • Your phone’s software issue:

These kinds of problems can also be caused by your phone’s software, so for that reason, restart your phone and check it. And the phone software should be updated from time to time.

  • Either it may be a hardware problem:

If none of the above problems is found to be evidence of the problem, then surely it can be a hardware related problem. Such as damage to microphone or break of any wire etc.
To solve this, you may have to go to the nearest Service Center of your phone.

How To Fix Microphone Not Working:

  • When dust stuck in the microphone hole: 

If there is dust or dirt stuck in the mice hole. Then clean it with the help of a brush hair like a toothbrush. Clean it properly with a brush. And confirm that no dust is present in the hole. After this, you will find that your voice will be heard properly with another person.

  • When the Microphone hole covered:

When the hole in your phone’s mic is closed by something. you have to open the hole so that your voice reaches the microphone properly only then the mic will pass your voice to another person.

  • If the phone’s software problem: 

If there is a problem with your phone’s software. Then reboot the phone once so that the software of your phone can make a new service. Because of the way we work continuously, we sleep to give our mind a rest, just like that, phones should also be given rest to work properly.

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A Smartphone Has Two Microphones :

  • Primary Microphone:

  • Secondary Microphone.


  • Primary Microphone:

microphone not working

When we make a simple call and talk by keeping the phone close to the ear. the microphone used at that time is the primary microphone. The commonality remains at the bottom of the phone.

  • Secondary Microphone: 

Secondary Microphone not working

We use the secondary microphone by placing the call in loudspeaker mode and keeping it away from the ear or during a video call and sound recording.

How To Check Hardware Issue On The Mic:

  • Go to Setting and open About phone.
  • Tap continuously on the kernel version.
  • After some time a Hardware test window will open.
  • Now here you search mic test option and check your mic is in working or not.

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If your microphone has a hardware issue:

If after checking through the above method, it is found that your microphone is damaged. That is a hardware related problem, for this, you will have to go to your nearest service center. And if your phone is under warranty then go to your phone’s authorized service center to take advantage of the warranty.

If you are not getting any help from all the information given above and you are still troubled by the Microphone Not Working problem then the service center is a better solution. If you have any MI/Xiaomi Phones than find your nearest MI Service Center


I hope that each of the steps that I have told you will be understood very easily and you will have solved your problem with great ease. If you have found a solution to your problem with this post and you liked this post, then please write your mind in the comment box for my good luck. Also, try to help your friends and other people by sharing this post with them.  How to fix Microphone Not Working.

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