How To Fix Mobile Data Not Working.

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As you all will know the mobile internet has such great importance in our daily life. If you are also affected by a problem like Mobile Data Not Working. So you have come to a better website.

Mobile Data Not Working
Mobile Data Not Working

Because of the  Mobile Data Not Working “internet” in our Phones, then in today’s time, without the internet, we may face many problems. At present, the way the Internet has established its dominance in all fields, be it in the field of education or medicine, online business, e-commerce, etc.

And if you are working in any of these areas in which the role of the Internet is there. then there is no need to tell how many problems you have to face without the Internet. No one can tell you better than this.

Why is my T mobile data not working?

There can be many reasons for mobile data not working. Here I will discuss some of the main reasons. for example
Week network signals can be caused by internal problems in the phone’s software or due to the setting of Internet settings. Internet Setting mins APN setting.

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So let’s go ahead and know how we can fix all these issues,

Just like mobile data not working, my mobile data is on but not working, mobile data not working on Samsung or any other mobile and mobile data not working iPhone, mobile data not working android or Airtel/Jio/idea/Vodafone data not working, etc.

Sometimes it happens like my mobile data is on but not working.

How do I fix my mobile data not working android?

Here I am going to tell you some ways. You can solve the Mobile Data Not Working problem very simply by reading these methods carefully. Let’s start

If your mobile data is on even then internet is not working then –

1. Turn on Airplane mode:

how to turn on airplane mode
turn on Airplane mode.

So, first of all, you should try turning on your airplane mode. Turning on the airplane mode stops communication of all types of signals coming into the mobile. After this, turning off the airplane mode again, all the signals start getting renewed. Due to which the problem related to the signal, if your internet is turned off, then it will start running back.

2. Restart Your Device:

my mobile data is on but not working
Restart your phone

Sometimes the internet gets affected due to internal problems in the software program of the phone.
Problems such as slowing down the phone, decreasing the speed of the internet or not working the Internet, etc.

Must reboot your phone at least once. Maybe it can solve your problem.

3. Check Your Data Balance:

The most important thing is that you make sure that your phone has a valid recharge or plan. Along with this, also confirm whether you have data balance left in your account.

Because nowadays the era of smartphones is going on and the data in the smartphone end so fast that we are not even able to know. There is a lot of service running in the background of a smartphone, which keeps using your internet data.

4. Check Internet Setting(APN=”Access Point Name“):

If Airplane Mode trick not work So now you need to check the APN setting that there is no problem in it. To fix the APN setting, first,

  • Open the Phone’s system setting.
  • Go to SIM cards & mobile networks
  • Here you need to select your SIM card, ISP “Internet Service Provider”  like Jio, Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, etc.


APN Setting
APN Setting
  • In the next step open Access Point Name.
  • Then click on the Reset button and open Internet setting

  • And enter Apn as per your isp and select the default in Authentication type and save the setting.
  • As given in the table below and Restart your device.

APN Setting:

ISP “Internet Service Provider” APN “Access Point Name” Authentication type
Airtel Default
Vodafone www ..
IDEA imis/internet ..
BSNL bsnlnet ..
Reliance Jio jionet ..

The above three methods are the main ones. In these ways, it is 99% that your problem will be fixed. Apart from these, there are many important things which you should always keep in mind. So that you can use the best service like the internet without any hindrance.

Some important things which you should always keep in mind.

  • For example, the SIM card used for the Internet should always be placed in the SIM Slot 1 of the device.
  • Always select network mode in Preferred type. For example, the area in which the network band is strong, the same should enter your phone, so that the internet speed is good.
mobile data not working
Select Preferred Network Mode

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As believe the 4G network is fine in my area and 4G goes weak after going some distance. After that the 3G network is strong. And when my phone has set only 4G rather than preferred network type, then in the 3G network area where 4G signal is very weak or not working, then it will issue no network in my phone.

Then I cannot use the internet and at the same time, cannot even make a phone call. Therefore, select the network type at the preferred level.

  • Delete catch and temperature files:
Delete catch and temperature files
Open Security App.

catch and temperature files.

catch and temperature files.
catch and temperature files.

The catch file should always be cleared. Whose third party applications will be found on the Play Store, by downloading which you can delete the phone’s junk, catch and temperature files.
In Xiaomi phones, you will find Cleaner in the Security app as shown in the image.


I hope that each of the steps that I have told you will be understood very easily and you will have solved your problem with great ease. If you have found a solution to your problem with this post and you liked this post, then please write your mind in the comment box for my good luck. Also, try to help your friends and other people by sharing this post with them.

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