Hello friend’s, today I am back with new interesting article. In this article we talk about MI4I Speaker Abnormal Sound. We all know Speaker is a most important hardware part in our smartphone. With help of Speaker we listening Music, Videos and Game sounds, also notified to Incoming calls  through Ringtons. Sometimes, when you start the song the volume will be high but decreases automatically. This is very frustrating issue. It seems got a  lot of noise and the sound doesn’t feel right.

So friends, In this post i am going to tell you how to fix abnormal sound or auto Decreasing Speaker Sound In MI4I with help of clear Screenshots and Some simple steps,

 Steps to Fix Abnormal Speaker Sound Issue In MI4I 


  • First of all Open Setting.
  • Scroll down until you find About phone



  • Tap on About Phone.


  • Scroll down.
  • Find Kernel version.
  • than Open it.
Hardware testing Menu
  • Now we can see Hardware Test window.
  • Simply select first option Speaker PA Calibration Test.
  • Click on Speaker PA Calibration Test, As Given in image. 
Speaker PA Calibration
  • Now Click on Calibrate Button.
  • And wait for Calibration process.



  • After that we can see Calibration Success Result, in some Green text.
  • than click on Pass Button.

Now Click on back button and come to Home Screen and done. than play any song and you are booming already! Your sound volume is back to normal. Start booming, and Your MI4I work properly Without any iincreasing or Decreasing problem.

I hope you understand all the step without any problem and this tutorial very help for you.

If this steps doesn’t fix the problem then you may really need to go to service center. Good luck!

Thanks friends keep visiting for more tips and trick related with Xiaomi/Redmi phones.


  1. It’s very very helpfully for every mi phone user. Be continue. .

  2. Followed above steps but not working for me

  3. I done 4time I am facing same problem regularly please help

  4. Sir what if it is showing failed?

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