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These days there is a huge war going on social media which is named TikTok Vs Youtube. So friends, let’s take a veil from this Mahasangram and know whose hand is behind this war and where it has started from. And which warriors are playing the main role in it.
The first most important thing to know is that between the two communities –

  • YouTube


Almost every person is well known about the name of youtube, which is a product of a big company like Google. We will also know that this is a huge video platform on the internet, on which everyone can watch and upload videos. But to put it on this, you have to agree with many terms and conditions. So this was a small introduction to youtube, but you must have known that I do not need to tell you more about it.

  • TikTok


#TikTokVsYoutubeTikTok is a short video sharing app operated by a Chines company, on this platform, about 30 sec of video can be posted.
The TikTok often remains in the headlines and it has been banned in many countries due to some of your antics. In India too, this app bar has been closed. After which some changes are flourishing again in the country.

Tiktok Vs YouTube Compression:

To post a video on YouTube, you have to keep in mind many policies and guidelines. Craters have to work hard to put good content on this platform such as writing scripts related to the content and recording it in front of the camera and mic. In spite of all this, the video has to be edited in order to display it in front of the crowd, which requires a lot of time and effort. To do this, it is very important to have a good camera, mic, and editing software.

On a platform like TikTok, the initial template requires only acting in front of the mobile camera. In this app, you have to pretend to move or dance on your pre-made music or dialogue and your video will be ready.

Start and reason of TikTok vs YouTube?

Come, let us know a little about this great war, and finally how can this war be started?
It started with a video posted on his YouTube channel called Elvish Yadav in which he made a roast video of Tiktokers.

Within which he questioned the intelligence of some TikTokers, mocked the ways of girls’ make-up and compared some to rapists.
In response to this, two TikTokers named Aamir Siddhaki and Revolver Rani responded sharply to their abusive and indecent comments on the TikTok community on their social media account Instagram.

After the Revolver Rani’s reaction video, a war-like situation began to emerge in both TikTok and YouTube communities. The issue caught real momentum when Aamir Siddiqui posted a video against YouTube and YouTubers on his Instagram. In which Aamir tried to make YouTubers steal their content and with it, YouTube looked lousy and TikTok was seen cheering.

After this video of Aamir, YouTube vs TikTok’s world war, like top gear has filled the pace. After this, there was a flood of videos related to Ticktok Vs Youtube Fight on YouTube. The views on these videos were also coming in full, due to which many Youtubers started making videos on this topic in the circle of views. Everyone has been engaged in washing hands in this flowing river of views.

TikTok Vs YouTube End Game Video #Carryminati

What was back then was a big Youtuber Carrie Minati (real name Ajay Nagar) who is a creator of huge roasting videos. Carrie posted a video on her channel, in which Aamir and TikTok slammed the people of the community, replying to the video of Aamir Siddiqui. This video started going viral within a few hours. Apparently, the video became the first non-music video to receive over 70 million views in a limited time. With this, it became the first video of India’s most liked. This video was about to break many other global records that YouTube deleted from the platform citing cyberbullying and hares.Carryminati

After the deletion of Carry’s video, many big YouTubers came forward in his support. Those whose names are Ashish Chanchalani, Harsh Beniwal, Bhuvan Bomb and Hindustani Bhau, etc.

After Carrie’s video is deleted, the entire internet is shaken. Carrie fans started trending #BringBackKarryMinativideo on the social media platform.

Carrie, the most distressed, has put a new video on her channel in which she talks about the TikTok vs YouTube controversy. Video Title STOP MAKING ASSUMPTIONS | YOUTUBE VS TIK TOK: THE END. In which he is appearing in an emotional state in front of his audience. In the video, he said that his words had no misinterpretation and also said that stop making misconceptions of words.

Carry’s the new video has also been viewed more than 51 million times on YouTube, and along with it the video became the most liked again in India, with a total of 7.8 million likes.

Impact on TikTok:

After all this Tiktok began to have a scary situation. Some pornographic and crime-promoting videos on the Tiktok platform began to be exposed, revealing Tiktok’s true face. As a result, some accounts of Tiktok were also suspended. The major name of which is Faizal Siddiqui, who is also the brother of Aamir Siddiqui. Legal action was also taken against him as one of his videos was seen promoting a terrible crime like an acid attack on women.

TikTok condition in Play store:

TikTok rating in playstore

TikTok’s download numbers have been shown to be over 1 billion on PlayStore. Initially, its user rating was 4.5 stars. At the same time, day by day it is becoming less. Currently it has grown to around 1.2 stars. Given the huge drop in this star rating, the owner of TikTok must have felt very shocked. Many people are also demanding to ban this app in India. Now it will be interesting to see what happens next.

My Opinion:

My opinion on TikTok Vs Youtube is that I am in favor of YouTube. I am well aware that this is an entertainment app on which entertainment video is put on it, But on this platform, more indecency is being propagated than entertainment, which is completely wrong and I will never support it. This is the biggest reason for me favoring YouTube. Now what is your opinion, you can show your side with reason in the comment box.


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